Shopify Collabs: A Free Tool to Find Influencers and Increase Sales

In today’s influencer-driven marketing landscape, finding the right partners to promote your brand can be a game-changer. Shopify Collabs provides an all-in-one solution, connecting businesses with a vast network of creators to skyrocket sales through effortless collaboration.

What is Shopify Collabs?

Imagine a platform that seamlessly connects you with content creators who resonate with your brand. That’s the magic of Shopify Collabs. It’s an influencer marketing tool built directly into your Shopify store, allowing you to:

Effortlessly recruit creators: Ditch the endless searching and applications. Design a custom brand page to attract creators who align with your niche.

Craft enticing offers: Craft commission structures or send out free products to incentivize creators and build a strong partnership.

Track performance: Gain valuable insights into campaign performance by monitoring clicks and conversions that automatically pay commissions through your Shopify bill.

How does Shopify Collabs work?

Shopify Collabs is a marketplace connecting businesses (brands) with content creators (influencers). Here’s a breakdown of how it works for both sides:

For Businesses (Brands)

  • Find Creators: You have multiple options for finding creators. You can set up a branded page within Shopify Collabs to attract relevant creators, directly send invites to creators you find interesting, or browse the Collabs Network, a vast pool of creators.
  • Craft Offers: Shopify Collabs allows you to incentivize creators through commission structures. You can set a percentage of each sale driven by the creator’s unique affiliate link as their commission. Additionally, you can send free products or discount codes to creators to build interest and encourage promotion.
  • Track Performance & Manage Payments: The app simplifies tracking. You can monitor clicks, conversions, and affiliate sales driven by each creator. Shopify Collabs also automates payouts, sending commissions directly through your Shopify bill.

For Creators (Influencers)

  • Find Products: Creators can browse the platform to discover products they love from various brands.
    Apply to Programs: If a brand has a specific affiliate program, creators can apply directly through Shopify Collabs.
  • Generate Links & Promote: Once partnered with a brand, creators can generate unique affiliate links to the brand’s products. They can promote these products on social media, websites, or email campaigns.
  • Track Earnings & Receive Payouts: Allows creators to track their affiliate sales and earnings. The platform also automates payouts, ensuring creators receive their commissions seamlessly.

How to Get Started with Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs is free for Shopify merchants on standard plans and above. Creators can also join for free, making it an accessible platform for everyone.

Here’s a quick roadmap to get started:

  • Install the app: Head over to the Shopify app store and add Shopify Collabs to your store.
  • Set up your brand page: Craft a compelling page that showcases your brand and attracts the right creators.
  • Build your dream team: Recruit creators directly, send invites with special offers, or leverage the Collabs Network to find hidden gems.
  • Craft enticing campaigns: Design commission structures, send out product gifts and provide creators the tools they need to promote your brand.
  • Track and optimize: Monitor campaign performance, analyze results, and fine-tune your strategy for maximum impact.


Shopify Collabs is a powerful tool that removes the friction from influencer marketing. Linking brands with passionate creators fosters mutually beneficial partnerships that drive sales and brand awareness. So, if you are considering taking advantage of influencer marketing, look no further than Shopify Collabs. It’s time to supercharge your sales and watch your brand flourish!

While Shopify offers a feature-rich platform to launch your online store, the subscription fees might seem daunting for a small business that is just starting. But fret not! The internet is brimming with creative solutions.

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