ChatGPT is revolutionizing Cryptoresearch

With the advancements in technology and AI fields like education, law, content creation, and gaming are undergoing significant changes. The cryptocurrency arena is also not untouched by new advancements and expansions in AI such as Open AI’s ChatGPT plugins are revolutionizing the way research is done in the cryptocurrency arena.

The tasks like performing DeFi analysis that used to take hours can now be performed in a jiffy, thanks to ChatGPT plugins. Not only this, but they have also made discovering crypto assets and that too 100 times more, a lot easier than before. Do you need advice on Cryptocurrency? Crypto research with ChatGPT or more specifically, ChatGPT plugins make it as easy and smooth as a cakewalk. 

Since crypto research with ChatGPT takes less than 57 seconds, we have decided to talk about the 5 best ChatGPT plugins you can use to perform cryptoresearch and be the master of the crypto game. But before that, let’s understand the two most important reasons for wanting them –

  1. To understand the nitty gritty of crypto currency without knowing coding.
  2. To perform crypto research fast

Here are the 5 chatgpt plugins for crypto research:


 Cryptoresearch with ChatGPT is incomplete without using DefiLlama ChatGPT plugin. It is a hub that provides useful and important information and insights on Defi projects and protocols. You don’t need to spend your precious time analyzing data on DeFiLlama. The job is made easier with ChatGPT as you get all your inquiries addressed with accuracy and that too swiftly.

Bitcoin Sentiment

This user-friendly ChatGPT plugin can be used if you need real-time price updates of Bitcoin and wish to understand the market sentiment. But how does it do all that? Simply by leveraging the newest media mentions. It has a lot of potential for improvement but still, it is a promising plugin if it functions at its optimal capacity.

Smarter Contracts

Are you planning to invest in tokens on the Ethereum Network? Wait until you use Smarter Contracts. Crypto research with ChatGPT is made revolutionary with this amazing ChatGPT plugin which allows you to delve deep into the smart contracts and tokens of the Ethereum network by giving out all the relevant information you are looking for. What is required of you? Nothing. Just put in a contract address and let Smarter Contracts unravel the mystery for you.

ERC20 Scout

 This ChatGPT plugin allows users to explore any ERC20 token on platforms compatible with EVM. You can get token details, prices, addresses, and listings quickly and easily. Do you need useful token insights too? You can absolutely bank on this amazing ChatGPT plugin, ERC20 Scout for the same.


If you are looking for a ChatGPT plugin that will be your command-line key to the block chain world, this would be it. You can take a deep dive into the worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with the help of this plugin. CheckTheChain is the best for fast query-solving, and protocol explorations that too in detail.

So, these were the ChatGPT plugins that have not only made crypto research with ChatGPT easy but also fun. Go, try these now and dive deeper into the crypto world with elan. 

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