10 Things that you can do on CoinMarketCap in 2023

CoinMarketCap is a data aggregator that lists prices of various crypto assets which makes it easier for buyers to compare prices in the cryptocurrency space. It aims at making cryptocurrency discoverable by retail users so that they can make well-informed investment decisions from its unbiased and top-notch information. It is used by the US Government too for preparing reports and carrying out research. And why not? It lists almost all cryptocurrencies available currently. 

 But, can you do other also, in addition to checking prices on CoinMarketCap? Let’s explore that in this blog and check out the 10 things that you can do on this price-aggregator site in 2023:

  • Checking prices of crypto assets in the crypto currency market : CoinMarketCap uses market capitalization to rank the sizes of different cryptocurrency assets. It is obtained by multiplying the price of the crypto asset by its Circulating Supply. For example, it lists major cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Pi Network. Are you interested in knowing the Pi network price today? Here it is. According to CoinMarketCap, the Pi network price is 21.86$, up by 2.94% in 1 day. 
  • Checking the upcoming sales of NFT collections :CoinMarketcap allows you to check on the upcoming sales of NFT collections and even have the rankings of top NFT collections too. Isn’t that great? That is in fact amazing.
  • Voting on the country that will next allow crypto as legal tender : Did you know you could actually vote on the country that would next allow cryptocurrency as legal tender? Yes, that’s true. It will even help politicians of a particular country understand what is in vogue and what voters or citizens want.
  • Watching Videos : If you want to learn more about crypto, CoinMarketCap site allows that too. It has AI videos from its YouTube channel embedded in it. The channel, by the way, is growing at a lightning-fast speed. The current number of subscribers stands at 377,000. You will get videos on anything you want to learn about cryptocurrency. Do you want to watch a video on the daily crypto news? CoinMarketCap has the same. Do you wish to get your hands on basic explainer videos? It has that too. 
  • Creating and Tracking a Crypto Portfolio : It is quite difficult to track and manage the crypto portfolio. But luckily, CoinMarketCap has a portfolio tracker that allows you to do that and more. From keeping a tab on your profits and losses to measuring the valuation of your crypto portfolio, you can do all of that on CoinMarketCap.
  • Searching Jobs :  Are you looking for a job but don’t know how and where to apply? You can check CoinMarketCap’s job board and apply at big-shot companies like CMC for either remote or office-based jobs. The website has jobs matching almost all skills. What are you waiting for? You might find your next job on CoinMarketCap for all you know. 
  • Earning Free Crypto Coins : You can even earn free crypto coins on CoinMarketCap either on the platform called, “Earn” or by watching videos. Even completing quizzes can help you earn crypto coins. For example, you can earn rewards worth $400K on their campaign “How to Web 3 on BNB chain?”
  • Voting on Price Predictions of Cryptocurrency : Another important and interesting thing that you can do on CoinMarketCap is vote on price predictions of crypto coins. 
  • Checking Out Historical Snapshot : You can check cryptocurrency that was available in 2013 and is still around using CoinMarketCap’s” Historical Snapshot” function.
  • Participating In Airdrops : Who doesn’t like freebies that are in the form of free airdrops. CoinMarketcap allows you to participate in the same.

To Summarize

Since the time it was launched, CoinMarketCap has captivated the minds of retail users of cryptocurrency and is continuing to do so even after its acquisition by Binance. Not only can you check the prices of major cryptocurrencies like the Pi network but also do a variety of other activities like watching videos, creating and tracking crypto portfolios, voting on price predictions of cryptocurrency, earning free crypto coins, and participating in free airdrops and whatnot. It continues to offer unbiased and accurate information on cryptocurrency for crypto lovers all around the world. 

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